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Life Span for Kidney Failure Patients Who Get Kidney Transplant

2013-03-24 15:55

What is the life span for kidney failure patients who get kidney transplant? Kidney transplant and dialysis are regarded as the lat two ways for kidney failure patients to further their life. Dialysis is torturous, so kidney transplant becomes a better option for people with completely failed kidney. However, how long can we live after getting kidney transplant?

Kidney transplant is helpful and meanwhile risky. It helps kidney failure patients to get rid of or avoid dialysis, but if not managed properly, it deprived patient’s life immediately.

1. Kidney rejection

Rejection is the number 1 risk factor for kidney transplant and also this is the reason why a preoperative test is needed to see if the kidney is matched for the patient. Although this test helps to avoid lots of unnecessary problems, it is not perfect. In many cases, serious injection occurs after kidney failure patients get kidney transplant for several days and this may become the final cause of their death. In clinic, patients with kidney transplant are usually asked to take powerful immunosuppressive agents for the rest of their life to restrain kidney injection. So far, kidney rejection is the leading factor that shorten patient’s life span.

2. Infection

Similar with kidney rejection, infection also plays an important role for kidney failure patients who get kidney transplant to have a longer life span. According to the study around the globe, about 50% patients with kidney transplant suffer from cytomegalovirus infection after the surgery. Usually, kidney failure patients who get kidney transplant have 85% of survival rate within one year, 60% in five years and 1% in ten years.

Kidney rejection and infection are the leading two factors that shorten kidney failure patient’s life span after surgery, but they are not the only one. Aside from them, there are some other factors like cardiovascular disease and drug toxins and so on. They affect patient’s life span seriously, so if kidney failure patients want to have a longer life span after getting kidney transplant, taking some measures to prevent or deal with these risk factors is very essential.

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